Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Sanah Seram, I'm New Delhi born, Winnipeg raised, and today I call Cochrane, Alberta home sweet home. I'm a UX Designer with a background in Graphic Design. My educational journey also includes a bachelor's in Environmental Sciences and English Literature, yup, makes total sense.


I love what I do, especially when I get to bring arts and crafts into the mix. Build it, photograph it, design it into something amazing!

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This is a hypothetical project based on real needs discovered when I worked for South Osborne Community Cooperative (SSOCC). Using the design thinking process I identified a problem and subsequent solution for the organization. This involved creating a mobile application that allows users to accurately identify plants as well as promote community engagement through an events page and newsfeed. To view the complete case study please visit my Behance page.


The Client: Palliser Music Publishing

The purpose of the project was to bring to life Colleen Roller's vision for her book cover. Her pieces are inspired by her students; their unique personalities, interests, and hobbies.

Inspiration for the cover came from the titles of her pieces and the magical quality of music. The transformative and transportive magic playing the piano can have. The piano itself is an elegant, black and white object, but the notes that are played can create the most fantastical worlds. 

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The purpose of this project was two-fold. First, create handmade typography that represented an era of cultural and artistic significance. Second, feature the typography in a two spread magazine article (researched and written by me) about the era. I chose the romantic, energetic, and sensual period of Art Nouveau.


I love transparencies! It's such a wonderfully versatile material. Not once in grade school did I imagine the possibilities. The honeycomb-shaped transparent boxes, filled with foraged Flora, created the perfect canvas for showcasing a very Art Nouveau Typeface.


The artist Aubrey Beardsley and the influence of nature were key inspirations to my work.



What started as a portfolio cover for a job application, turned into a pretty cool poster.


This poster is a celebration of the Winnipeg Exchange District from my unique perspective. Historic buildings have been reimagined in contemporary ways by entrepreneurs who have turned them into thriving businesses. The area is a mixture of the old with the new, which inspired my choice of typefaces. I paired each of the building illustrations with a personal anecdote about my experience there.

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The Client: Sustainable South Osborne Community Cooperative (SSOCC)


SSOCC is a community-initiated organization that creates and maintains CSA (community supported agriculture) sites. They practice the ideologies of permaculture in their gardens, which have become gems within their communities. Volunteers are an essential part of this organization. This catalogue is a brief overview of the most invasive weeds on site. It serves as a guidebook for visitors/workers who come to lend a hand, and a trowel. The goal was to make a guide that is both visually appealing and pragmatic.

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Merridale Ciderworks Corporation is a family-owned craft cidery located on Vancouver Island. Their product, authentic and exceptional. Their branding, dated and disconnected.


The cidery needs a re-brand to stand out and thrive amongst a growing list of fierce competitors. The re-brand is also necessary to accurately reflect their growth as a company.


My proposed solution is a new look that brings Merridale into the booming industry of craft, with it’s growing number of young, hip, cider lovers. 


Visual words inspiring the re-brand: Craft, natural, pure.

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One of the many products Merridale offers is a selection of spirits. This cocktail booklet is designed to fit into the rebranded identity of the company. The booklet is meant to accompany a sample case of Merridale spirits to inspire DIY cocktail artistry. It could be distributed at the estate store or included with their current cocktail making classes.


The watercolour illustrations continue the aesthetic of the cider labels, while the clean design elevates the brand to suit the spirits (compared to cider).